May 28, 2016

Human Capital Management & Development


Step 1 – Define

We shall formulate :

1. Definitions- Wherein we define what are action, verbal and/or nonverbal communication shall be defined as Harassment.
2. Process-We define the process of handling a complaint with utter most care and caution. The committees and other statutes that need to be put in place
3. To train the committee members to handle complaints and grievances
4. Define Procedure for lodging complaints
5. Define Procedure for receipt of complaint
6. Design the course of Investigation
7. Communication of findings to the respective authority as defined by the policy
Implementation of the order as per findings
8. Penalties meted out.

Step 2 – Implementation

1. Once the framework is ready we train the members of the Organizations helping them to understand the various nuances of the policy . We define Why is it important? We also make them aware of what is the accepted norms for behaviours and the repercussions if not adhered to.

2. We train all employees across levels on Gender Sensitization

3. After the Training we ensure that all members sign the acceptance of policy that is filed.